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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 20 March 2017 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Version :
    Released: March 10th 2017 (2017-03-10)
    Changes include:
    * Added the ability to postback by program in affiliate postback system.
    * Added a new Cron procedure to clean the nats_session database table.
    * Added readable names for loginid, campaignid, programid, siteid, and tourid to the result of the get_member_details API call.
    * Added validation check when extending membership for Payze member.
    * Added new configuration MEMBER_RETRY_CAPTCHA_HOURS to the Misc Section of the Configuration admin. This sets the number of hours to look back when checking the MEMBER_RETRY_CAPTCHA configuration.
    * Updated how timezone is calculated in Segpay Gateway, Bill1st, and Billapay integration to prevent cross sale failure.
    * Updated the default view of the Ratio Report to be the last period rather than the past 180 days.
    * Updated the Check Default payment dump header to include the correct information.
    * Updated totals row in profit/loss report to correctly reflect the columns. Updated columns on all other views so they match what is in the default report.
    * Updated Epoch integration so that options now have "Display Only This Option" setting so the set option is the only one displayed.
    * Updated the mail_owner_change and mail_owner_change_html template to include basic information rather than be blank.
    * Updated Affiliate Postback system to correctly display extra variable selections.
    * Updated the Affiliates Referring URL report to correctly use pagination.
    * Updated the add_option_rule and edit_option_rule API function calls to correctly accept country or programid parameters.
    * Updated Site Partner set up to include an End date when setting up site partner payout.
    * Corrected error in Segpay Tokenplus integration
    * Corrected the get member string API function calls to output just the string rather than the Array.
    * Corrected issue with pagination on the Affiliate Referring URL report.
    * Corrected the format display of Default Payouts in the Programs Admin page.

  • 06 March 2017 TMM Insider March 2017 Released!

    In this issue of TMM Insider, Too Much Media heads to The Phoenix Forum, new Terms of Service configuration, Mobile Redirects, and Token plus.

  • 28 February 2017 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Version :
    Released: February 24th 2017 (2017-02-24)
    Changes include:
    * Added the configuration "DISABLE_AFFILIATE_EMAIL_ON_MEMBER_MANUAL_ADD" in the "Emails" section of the configuration admin. When set, emails will not be sent to the affiliate in the instance a member is reactivated.
    * Added the new "page" field to the Vendo Services Biller integration.
    * Added a label to the Affiliate Overview page in the Affiliates Admin indicating whether the affiliate is an "In-House" affiliate or not.
    * Updated the Tour edit page to prevent the Chrome Browser from automatically filling the "User Management Enncryption Key".
    * Updated get_affiliate_loginids API function to return "-1" in the event the affiliate was not found instead of throwing an error.
    * Updated Epoch integration so we check for transaction Id in additional data provided.
    * Updated the get_surfer_action_report API call to include additional checks and errors on invalid requests.
    * Updated how notifications are retrieved for quicker results when displayed.
    * Removed database keys to optimize table size.
    * Corrected get_cascades API call to provide the correct cascades when an unencoded NATS code is used.
    * Corrected an issue with storing certain numerical values being saved in the Configuration Admin.

  • 21 February 2017 Highlighted Feature: Payment Projections

    Available in NATS is the Payment Projections feature which builds an estimated payout report before your regular payout is built and stored. This added report will provide owners a glimpse of how payments may look at the end of the upcoming period, allowing them time to put together resources if necessary. For more details in regards to this in NATS, please visit our online documentation here.

  • 16 February 2017 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Version :
    Released: February 13th 2017 (2017-02-13)
    Changes include:
    * Added the ability to delete never joined members older than a week.
    * Added Cancel type to Postback URLs in Tour details.
    * Added ability to set a site redirect to be used only for mobile devices.
    * Added Payze specific reports into permissions limitation settings for Admins.
    * Added configuration setting which, when set, builds report summary temporary tables on the slave database rather than the main database.
    * Corrected issue where details on duplicate subscriptions were not available.