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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 24 April 2017 Highlighted Feature: Remove Never Joined Members

    The latest version of NATS now includes the ability to delete never joined members using a mass action. This action will only be available for never joined members who are older than 7 days. Though NATS provides automatic clean up for completely blank memberships, this new feature allows program owners the option to remove data that they feel they no longer need. For further details on the membership admin and deleting memberships, please visit our online documentation.

  • 19 April 2017 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Version :
    Released: April 19th 2017 (2017-04-19)
    Changes include:
    * Added GEOIP2 as an option in the IP_FILTER list in the Configuration Admin's Surfer Section.
    * Added more information to the member note when they are switched to a new program when a repeat user is detected. Added the ability to switch program based upon any site, not just the same site.
    * Updated the user management CHECK calls performed when editing a member through the Members Admin.
    * Improved how we search for members by transactionid.
    * Corrected issue where Affiliate automatic login did not record the login time.
    * Corrected an error when signing up for the same site but different tour.
    * Corrected issue with Vendo Services Poll script.
    * Corrected issue when switching a member to a new program when using a program option switch.
    * Corrected the display of errors on the join template when only one cascade and option are available.

  • 10 April 2017 TMM Insider April 2017 Released!

    In this issue of TMM Insider, learn about removing never joined members, Site and global email settings, an update to the retro-active payout system, and our server move service.

  • 30 March 2017 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Version :
    Released: March 29th 2017 (2017-03-29)
    Changes include:
    * Updated Affiliate NATS v3 Stats to display the correct campaign name.
    * Updated the default gateway_join template to look cleaner with each description next to their field.
    * Corrected undefined variable issue with Netbilling Chargeplus integration.

  • 27 March 2017 Highlighted Feature: Terms of Service Configuration

    Would you like to ensure that affiliates have agreed to your Terms of Service? In the latest version of NATS, the Terms of Service feature prevents payouts from being stored and, depending on the configuration, prevents an affiliate from viewing statistics and link codes. This feature ensures that the Terms of Service you have set are agreed to before an affiliate can receive payment. For further information in regards to the Terms of Service feature, please review our online documentation.