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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 17 January 2018 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Version :
    Released December 21st 2017 (2017-12-21)
    Changes include:
    * Added 'Merchant Code' field for Billapay
    * Added a cron to reset the TMM Admin account password daily
    * Added additional checks to GoCoin integration to ensure traffic is directed to the correct URL
    * Added additional sorting to Reporting Admin results to account for tied results
    * Added the ability to search Referring URLs using a wildcard character (*) in the Profit/Loss Report
    * Added the ability to update the custom1 - custom10 member variables through Upgrade Plus
    * Added the following fields to the list of fields to be encrypted by default: firstname, lastname and password for members; email for both members and affiliates
    * Corrected an issue in the coupon codes feature where Ajax requests would work only from the main NATS domain
    * Corrected an issue that causes the 'Clean URL' field to not appear as an option for selection when choosing fields in the 'Dump Format Options' for an affiliate adtool dump
    * Corrected an issue that could result in duplicate subscriptions recorded for existing members
    * Corrected an issue that prevented Geo Banner and Fan Sign adtools from loading properly
    * Corrected an issue when creating thumbnails for video adtools less than 10 seconds in length
    * Corrected an issue where a new blank subscription would be created when viewing a member record that has no recorded subscriptions
    * Corrected an issue where the 'hidden' and 'https_display' settings would be preselected when the edit tour page reloads with errors
    * Corrected an issue where URL query strings were not being preserved when redirecting surfers to a new track URL
    * Corrected an issue which prevented errors from displaying properly on bulk Adtool imports
    * Corrected default values for columns in the live_member_loginlog table
    * Corrected display issues with the Biller Data report in the Reporting Admin
    * Optimized queries on affiliate transaction reporting
    * Updated display for ajax calls to include the ID in dropdown selection menus: optionid, programid, billerid, cascadeid, siteid, and campaignid
    * Updated display on the admin_coupons page
    * Updated NETbilling Native integration to add Signup Plus and Upsell Plus support
    * Updated SBW integration to add Signup Plus support
    * Updated Signup Plus to display an error instead of sending notifications when a surfer attempts to purchase a one-time option using a biller that does not support Signup Plus one-time subscriptions
    * Updated the tmm_strstr Smarty function to call the strstr PHP function instead of substr as it does currently, and added a tmm_substr Smarty function to retain substr support

  • 22 December 2017 Happy Holidays from the Too Much Media Team

    From all of us here at Too Much Media, we want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season and continued success for 2018.

  • 17 November 2017 TMM Insider - November 2017 - Features, Features, Features

    In this issue of TMM Insider, learn more about the new Coupon Code feature, reCaptcha v2 and Smart Links in NATS for Networks.

  • 08 November 2017 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Version :
    Released October 18th 2017 (2017-10-18)
    Changes include:
    * Added 'notificationEmail' parameter to Bitpay signup posts
    * Added a 'Details' search field to the Surfer Actions Report
    * Added a config setting to ignore ADD/DELETE posts to our Epoch member info update script
    * Added a feature that allows displaying of additional Join Options when a surfer submits a specified coupon code
    * Added links to site, tour, program, affiliate, join option, and biller in Member Details page
    * Added reCaptcha v2 support for the Affiliate/Admin login page
    * Added site, tour, program, join option, and biller IDs to Member Details page
    * Added the 'REDIRECT_LINKDOMAIN_ON_LICENSE' and 'REDIRECT_LICENSE_URL' config settings to redirect traffic that would normally see a license error when directly visiting site linkdomains
    * Added the ability to store database credentials in an encrypted format
    * Corrected a display issue on the Server Status page
    * Corrected admin notifications for program redirect errors to include the program ID that failed to redirect
    * Corrected an error on the Biller Data Report when using PHP versions 5.5 and above
    * Corrected an issue when determining Option ID on Centrobill Cross Sales
    * Corrected an issue where the eCPM column still appeared on the Profit/Loss Report by default when selecting certain breakdowns
    * Corrected issue in Live to Historical biller_data cron step when using MariaDB
    * Corrected issue in the adtools/importdump REST API function
    * Corrected transaction processing issue in certain scenarios where incorrect biller was recorded for returning customers
    * Disabled browser field autocomplete on Affiliate search fields
    * Increased maximum size of subscription passthrough variables to 510 characters (was 255)
    * Minor performance improvements on Affiliates Admin
    * Minor performance improvements on Members Admin
    * Referring URL is now limited to 255 characters when setting NATS tracking cookies
    * Updated Member Details page to always show 'expires' and 'expired' dates on subscriptions
    * Updated service/decodenatscode REST API function to return names in addition to ID values
    * Updated Signup, Package, and Upsell Plus scripts to verify supplied site id

  • 07 August 2017 TMM Insider August 2017 Released!

    In this issue of TMM Insider, learn more about our Hosted NATS solution, the new API Permission system, our server move service, and using the Package Plus system.