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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 14 April 2015 Highlighted Feature: Payment Periods

    NATS includes customizable payout periods that Admins can set up for their Affiliates. This feature allows payments to be built based on days of the month, days of the week, or after a set amount of days. For more details on setting up different payout periods, please visit our online documentation.

  • 01 April 2015 TMM Insider April 2015 Released!

    In this Months TMM Insider, see how you can create your own Account Types, information on server moves, a going live checklist, and details about configuring new Payment periods.

  • 10 March 2015 Highlighted Adtool: Geo Banners

    Geo Banners can be a very useful promotional tool for you and your affiliates. These banners provide the program owner the ability to set up a banner with text specific to the geo-location of the surfer viewing the banner itself. Providing geo-located banners for Affiliates give them a more dynamic and personalize tool to send you traffic. Information about the the Geo Banner Adtool type can be found in our online documentation

  • 24 February 2015 TMM Insider February 2015 Released!

    In this Month's TMM Insider, learn more about copying join option rules, the Geo Banner adtool, NATS expire padding and NATS codes in Emails.

  • 09 February 2015 Highlighted Feature: Throttling

    Throttling is a security setting which will allow Admins to prevent surfers from accessing a particular page if they attempt too many requests. Restricting the number of attempts that can be made for particular pages can help prevent authorization strings for transactions from being entered through brute force. Details in regards to using the Throttling system can be found in our online documentation