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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 20 September 2016 Highlighted Feature: Using Language Files

    Built into NATS is a multi-language feature that will detect and display the appropriate language for anyone using your program. This provides even more customization and flexibility, so program owners can support a wide variety of affiliates and affiliate promotions. Each of the included languages (English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) can be customized with the wording or phrasing that best work for your program.

    For more details in regards to using language files or setting up new language variables, please read more in our online documentation.

  • 07 September 2016 TMM Insider September 2016 Released!

    In this issue of TMM Insider, John M heads to Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague for his European Conference Tour, Details on using language files in NATS, Admin Limitations, and Setting up Cross sales.

  • 16 August 2016 Highlighted Feature: NATS Backup Service

    Reduce the risk of losing your NATS data permanently with Too Much Media's remote backup service. This service will back up your NATS files, NATS database, and any custom Smarty functions and templates, all to an off-site server.

    For information about our this and all our services, click here. To get started with our backup service, please put in a new support ticket.

  • 02 August 2016 TMM Insider August 2016 Released!

    In this issue of TMM Insider, Reminder that Too Much Media Heads to Qwebec Expo in Montreal, Information on our Backup service, creating Token site in NATS, and setting up payout changes.

  • 18 July 2016 "NATS - Inside Out" - presented by John M and Nicholas Tse

    August is going to heat up as the TMM crew is headed to the Qwebec Expo in Montreal. In this years lineup, John M. and Nicholas Tse will be hosting an hour long "NATS: Inside Out" seminar. This seminar is for prospective and veteran users who wish to understand just what NATS can do for you to help your business.

    If you are a newcomer in the industry or looking to make the switch to NATS from another platform, gain valuable information that will show you how using NATS can increase your revenue and assist you to run your operation more efficiently.

    Did you know that most NATS users only utilize about 20% of the software's capabilities? Industry veteran's can join in and learn about functionality within the software that can be used to increase productivity, eliminate some tasks, and increase your revenue.