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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 16 September 2015 Highlighted Feature: Automatic Cascades

    NATS provides a special cascade type called an Automatic Cascade that will bypass a NATS join page and automatically send the member to the first biller of the cascade. This provides the option for your member to sign up using less steps while still being tracked through NATS. For further details on Automatic cascades, how they work, and how they are set up, please visit our online documentation here.

  • 01 September 2015 TMM Insider September 2015 Released!

    In this Month's TMM Insider, learn about NATS for Networks software, Switch Track Builder, using Automatic Cascades, and the Affiliate Override feature.

  • 17 August 2015 Highlighted Service: Dedicated Tech Support

    We are now offering a new service for anyone who needs help setting up NATS for the first time or needs help with extensive changes to their installation. The TMM Dedicated Support Service provides you priority access to one of our experienced support staff. Our tech will assist setting up NATS, perform any necessary imports, and troubleshoot any concerns in your installation, all at a reduced hourly support rate. Please note, this service requires an agreed upon minimum number of hours of work. If you're interested in a quote or more details in regards to this service, please put in a new support ticket with us.

  • 03 August 2015 TMM Insider August 2015 Released!

    In this Month's TMM Insider, we premier the new NATS for Networks software, TMM goes to QWEBEC Expo, learn more about our Dedicated Tech Service, Affiliate Sign-up Limitations, and Upsells.

  • 15 July 2015 Highlighted Feature: Payout Changes

    Admins can create special payout changes which will effect the payments made to an affiliate. This special payout change can be set up to happen one time, at a certain time, recurring over time, or even allow you to disable payouts altogether. You can even target the payment to affect specific sites, tours, billers, options and a member's country of origin. To learn more about setting up payout changes within NATS, visit our on-line documentation.