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Coupon Code system now available in NATS v4.1.17.1

Add another marketing tool to your arsenal! In late October, we announced the addition of a coupon code system to the NATS platform. Since announcement, we've received an immense amount of upgrade requests, as many of our clients recognize the immediate benefit this powerful marketing tool can bring. Typically the first thought when people hear coupon code is usually “discount”, which isn’t entirely the case. We developed the system so creative teams can leverage coupons in many ways, such as customer retention, building affiliate relationships and expanding partnerships with other channels. Not to mention consumers go STUPID CRAZY over coupons!

Here are a few examples of ways you can immediately impact your revenue with coupon codes:

  1. Retargeting & Cart Abandonment - Lure abandoned cart shoppers or visitors back to your product through retargeting whether it be via banners, abandonment emails or some other methods you employ
  2. Partner Distribution - Offer your affiliates and partners a unique discount or offer code exclusively to promote to their audiences
  3. Loyalty Reward - Reward loyal fans/customers in your various marketing channels
  4. Event Tracking - Heading to an event? Customize codes on the fly for print material at unplugged events and track your ROI effortlessly

Upgrading to NATS version or higher will add the new coupon system to your NATS installation. If you haven't done so already, please submit a ticket.

reCAPTCHA V2 Feature for NATS affiliate login


The latest version of NATS includes reCAPTCHA V2 for affiliate login.
Spam abuse is very real in the digital era and especially in our industry. In order to assist clients with alleviating some of these concerns and curtail the spam, we've implemented the reCAPTCHA V2 on the affiliate login.

Let's take a look at how to set this up in under 5 minutes. First, you must make sure you already have a reCAPTCHA account setup with Google. You can do this by visiting Google ReCAPTCHA.

Follow these directions to setup the reCAPTCHA in your Admin panel.

  1. Log into your NATS Admin panel
  2. Click the AFFILIATES ADMIN link
  3. Scroll down to the 3 fields pertaining to Google ReCAPTCHA
  4. Google ReCAPTCHA attempts - Choose how many times a failed login has to happen before the ReCAPTCHA displays
  5. Google ReCAPTCHA Key - Input the key provided by your Google ReCAPTCHA account
  6. Google ReCAPTCHA Secret - Used for communication between the affiliate site and Google (required when GOOGLE_RECAPTCHA is on)

NATS for Networks - Link Groups (Smart Links)

Link Groups, also known as Smart Links - Link Groups in NATS for Networks provide a way for an affiliate to split traffic across multiple destinations using the same tracking link. These links groups can either be random or self-optimizing. Because you can use any valid tracking link into your groups, you can save subaff and other pass through fields into the links as you add them into your group. Fields passed into the Group Linkcode will also persist to the linkcode that is used for each click.

For more information on how to setup Link Groups in your NATS for Networks installation, please visit: Link Groups

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