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RSSDish sends updates and adtools to your affiliates or members. RSSDish creates an RSS feed or an HTML page from a live database. You can integrate the HTML page into your existing layout using the Smarty Templating Engine. You can publish anything you want with RSSDish: each feed may contain an unlimited number of articles and content.

  • RSSDish Home

    The RSSDish home page shows you your most viewed feeds, most active feeds, and a list of recent articles. It computes your most active authors and groups, and it also keeps track of the group that writes the most viewed articles.
  • Feeds Admin

    The Feeds Admin is where you set up your feeds. You can create and administer dynamic feeds and pre-rendered feeds. Dynamic feeds let you deliver the latest content while pre-rendered feeds conserve server resources. You can create HTML and RSS versions of each feed, insert special feed information, and validate the feed to ensure everyone can read it.
  • Articles Admin

    The Articles Admin lets you and your writers create articles to be published in a feed. Customizable access controls let you give different writers access to different feeds. You can set the title, URL, description, content, and category for each feed. You can publish the article immediately or you can configure a custom publication date. You can even add pictures, videos, or other files to your feed.
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RSSDish Highlights

RSSDish can connect to NATS and get an affiliate's information. To get the information, all you need to do is include the affiliate's username or login ID number in the feed URL.

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