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TubeStudio is a complete software package that allows you to manage your own set of tube sites in one central location. Easily manage your videos for all your Tube sites with TubeStudio.

  • TubeStudio Overview

    The overview admin gives you a basic statistical overview of your video content on all your tube sites. In addition it gives you information on users such as newest user and user comments. Use these statistics to go directly to the area that needs your attention.
  • Videos Admin

    The TubeStudio videos admin lets you import all of your videos for your sites. Here you can upload one at a time or bulk import your videos. In addition you can view and search all of your videos, change video thumbnails, mark them as featured, or view detailed video information.
  • Video Thumbnails

    TubeStudio will automatically generate screen captures during the import process. You have full control over these thumbnails in the Video Thumbnails section. These screen captures are used as part of the built in slide show preview for each video.
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Make bulk changes to your video settings. No need to individually make changes to videos. With this feature you can speed up your productivity and save time.learn more